Crucial & Fresh w/ ZTG (REALLIFE)


Our lovely guest ZTG of REALLIFE fame will be joiningg us at the Lost and Found Tent at Bestival. There’s some serious rippers in this one. Really looking forward to this one. In the words of ZTG “going to drop some wonk on these lads.” ENJOY

Crucial & Fresh w/ ZTG (REALLIFE) 08/08/14 by Meattransmission on Mixcloud



We’ve gone enough now but here’s your chance to listen to our last show where we were joined by BELL TOWERS. thx

Crucial & Fresh w/ Bell Towers 11/07/14 by Meattransmission on Mixcloud



In light of the overwhelming response to the last Bollywood party held at Sneaky Pete’s we have decided to have another one.

This time for free, at Filament Coffee which will have a bar and club pop up, as if by magic, for the duration of the Festival.


Pentland & Pierross – Project C


The hills glowed like purple amethyst;
the sky glowed topaz and vermillion colours.
I never saw a finer screen than Pentland.”         

A few post’s ago we put up a TPA mix by Chris Raeburn aka Pentland. We mentioned circuit bending and taste: here are the results. The first track to go up with an enigmatic Pieross, this is:

 ‘Varied, deadly, minimalist to contemplative, slower House.’  

We’re not into this because he’s an associate, we’re into it because its actually good. Smoked out, swirling pads and gentle arps that will tickle your fancy. As usual follow and like Pentland’s new facebook page for more of the same and be sure to check Moskalus‘ youtube channel for more LoFi visual gold.

Crucial & Fresh w/ Bell Towers


Friday night was a ripper. Thanks to all that came down danced and talked shite to each other. Follow the links and check the quality gear that Rohan has out there already. He also mixed with us on our radio show prior to the party, this will be available shortly. More events in the pipeline.

“Having recently made the jump from Melbourne to London, Rohan Bell Towers hasn’t wasted anytime making an impression. After releasing two records on Munich imprint Public Possession, delivering an impeccable Juno Plus Podcast and just partaking in the mandatory Boiler Room mix we are in no doubt that Bell Towers is more than qualified to bring the heat.” 

and our daft promo…


LISTEN AGAIN: Crucial & Fresh Radio w/ Saul Wilks (Boogie Cartel)


In his own words “I’ll be hitting L Town’s airwaves tomorrow night playing backto back with Edinburgh’s finest and one half of Crucial and Fresh Tom Russell. Tune in and get a meaty fix of sleazery that’ll see you right for the weekend ahead.”

That was just over a week ago and now is your opportunity to listen again. Watch out for him playing the Downlow Radio Tent at Glastonbury this week.

Crucial & Fresh with Saul Wilks 13/06/14 by Meattransmission on Mixcloud

Chris Raeburn – TPA MIX 008

Chris Raeburn TPA mix

“Has anyone got a soldering iron I can borrow” Chris Raeburn’s status on a well know social media website last week. We can only hazard a guess at what ‘Crabes’ is up too but I get the distinct impression he might be doing a little bit of light  circuit bending. It’s just a guess mind you.

“Circuit bending is the creative, chance-based customization of the circuits within electronic devices such as low voltage, battery-powered guitar effects, children’s toys and digital synthesizers to create new musical or visual instruments and sound generators.”

…but never mind the circuit bending. More importantly, unbeknownst to us Chris is a relative of the famous 18th century Scottish portrait painter Henry Raeburn, a fact he downplays as he wishes not to live in the shadow of his forebears fame. Instead people in Edinburgh know him for his fine taste in all things house his appreciation of the more traditional aspects of the craft (i.e he plays vinyl). You can be sure that Chris will never be the one to ‘sleep’ on what is the latest in beard stroking house music.

If you were in any doubt about Chris’ taste then have pop at this lovingly compiled, live mix recorded using his technics 1210’s in his bedroom studio. He assures us he recorded it in one take. Its perfect for the hot weather and an ideal way to start the week. You can catch Chris at his weekly residency at Juice. Pass me the solder please.