1236786_813506671996313_289546533_nHere’s another chance to listen to last Fridays radio show, airing from 8pm til 10pm in Hoxton’s MEATmission. Joining us in the booth were our guest from ‘Best Intentions.’ As expected they put together a top notch disco selection. There’s minimal chat, lots of beer, mixed 100% live and on wax.

Legowelt – ‘Source of Menace’


A relatively new Legowelt record out on Spanish label Riverette. Vinyl only. Every track is a winner on this one.

Roman Rauch – ‘Too Many Things’


Philpot is a Stuttgart-based label, run by Soulphiction and Tobi Ettle since 2000 ad. Uptempo Music with an edge, we wouldn´t call it House, Techno, Jazz or Soul…but they all come close and definetly are strong influences..’

Well I’d call this house. Either way, it’s a belter. Always buy the Philpot records.

TPA MIX 007 – DJ Yves


This mix has been cued up for a while now. Now seems appropriate to post it. Continuing on where last weeks mix left off is Big DJ Yves (Andy Danet who previously contributed to our SNACK TRAX! portion of the site) has provided a  masterful selection of ambient, synth and soul. Expect very little in the way of any 4/4. Which is exactly what we want. I had another listen to it this morning on the bus, post ‘big weekend‘ it had me near enough in tears. Keep your ear out for the Womack Womack / Frankie Knuckles remix. It’s completely mind blowing and might be my favourite record of the year. ‘Big Ups’ DJ Yves n’ that!


Guillamino – Tegami (bankrobber)
Eric Serra – Sailing to death (virgin)
John Hughes Day Dream – Ebony eyes (cut mistake)
Placid Angles – Everything under the sun (peacefrog)
The New Year – My Bleeding wound (chocolate industries)
Womack & Womack – MPB (Frankie Knuckles paradise ballroom mix) (island)
Hommage – Output (cdr)
Sunny Day In Glasgow – Slaughter killing carnage (the meaning of words) (mis ojos discos)
G.E.S. – Helmut Schmidt plays Bach (dub) (faitiche)
Charles Bradley – Through the storm (dunham)
Iasos – Rainbow canyon (unity records)
Oneohtrix Point Never – Chrome country (warp)
Eric Serra – For Enzo (virgin)
Eric Serra – Such a family (virgin)
Cortex – I heard a sigh (underdog) OOFT! – Overjammin’ (cdr)

The Carter Bros – ‘Loving You Is Easy’


Some Adelaidian disco nonsense here form the Carter Bros. Really shouldn’t like this. Catch us on air tonight from 8 – 10pm with guest ‘Best Intentions’ on MEATtransMISSION Radio.

Giovanni Damico – ‘Fella On A Cloud’ & ‘Atypical Noise’

tumblr_mr37xzNacV1rd11tco1_500This arrived in the post today. Having completely forgotten, it turns out the track I bought it for is far eclipsed by the recording on the flip. Maybe it’s the Eden Cottage, ;2 for 2′ that clouds my judgement. More than a pinch of Keni Burke’s ‘Rising to The Top’ here. ‘Atypical Noise’ does something that closely resembles something on the boogie spectrum…etc. Either way, ideal late night Thursday listening.

Giovanni Damico – ‘Fella On A Cloud’

Giovanni Damico  - ‘Atypical Noise’

Juju & Jordash – ‘Waldorf Salad’


“A Waldorf salad is a salad traditionally made of fresh apples, celery and walnuts, dressed in mayonnaise, and usually served on a bed of lettuce as an appetizer or a light meal.”

The Dutch chaps have lost the plot, this is bonkers. The flip is a considerably more sobering affair. (used in this mixHave a read of this interview and live set with Juju & Jordash on Attack magazine.