Pentland & Pierross – Project C


The hills glowed like purple amethyst;
the sky glowed topaz and vermillion colours.
I never saw a finer screen than Pentland.”         

A few post’s ago we put up a TPA mix by Chris Raeburn aka Pentland. We mentioned circuit bending and taste: here are the results. The first track to go up with an enigmatic Pieross, this is:

 ‘Varied, deadly, minimalist to contemplative, slower House.’  

We’re not into this because he’s an associate, we’re into it because its actually good. Smoked out, swirling pads and gentle arps that will tickle your fancy. As usual follow and like Pentland’s new facebook page for more of the same and be sure to check Moskalus‘ youtube channel for more LoFi visual gold.


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