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Billy Cobham – ‘Heather’


Coming to you from a hunting lodge in Arisaig (North West Coast of Scotland), this record should have been posted a long time ago and it seems appropriate in such a location.

Billy Cobham came to prominence as a leader in jazz fusion drumming playing with Miles Davis and later the Mahavishnu Orchestra. This particular track, ‘Heather’  (1974 album ‘Crosswinds’) will be familiar to any hip hop aficionados out there. The bassline and the keys being sampled in Souls of Mischief’s ’93’ til Infinity’ without a doubt one of my top 5 hip hop records.

This is a track thats really for listening. It’s not like previous posts.

Robert Upchurch – ‘The Devil Made Me Do It’


Today’s track comes from Robert Upchurch and was mixed by none other than Tom Moulton in 1974. Moulton was responsible for orignating the remix, the break down section and the 12 inch record. No mean feat.

I came accross this track watching his chat on the Red Bull Music Academy lecture series. It’s totally fascinating and well worth a watch.

I will be playing this, amongst others, tonight at the Dragonfly in Edinburgh. Pop in for a jar…

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