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Taylor Williams – ‘Back To Heaven’ (Dub)


Back in the game. After a lengthy break due to massive online storage issue (and apathy). We are going to start posting again. We’ve still been active in the real world and have done plenty of digging of late. Expect lots of obscure B-sides, dubs, pitched down smoked out techno, ambient interludes and some fresh cuts from the wall. A recent trip to Record Loft in Berlin yieled a fat wedge of Chicago, this record being one of them.

Paradise Garage Closing Week – August 27th 1987

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Everyone knows the Paradise Garage but few have been there and there’s little footage documenting what happened there. This incredibly rare footage has only just emerged from the depths of the disco ether.

The Paradise Garage is the blue print for all the modern clubs that us snotty nosed internet saturated wee cnts enjoy today . There’s no need to describe what happens here. Just sit and watch the whole thing. All 2 hours.

Kevin Irving ‘Children of the Night (Original Mix)’


Happy Easter. This afternoon = Roasts & Disco at the Lock Tavern.

Come down

Hercules – 7 Ways to Jack


Roger Troutman on The Talkbox (Video Soul – 1987)


Surface – Happy


How you doing baby?
You know I was just thinking about you
You know I am glad to call
Would you come in right over?

Beautiful baby

I’ll be waiting

Stevie Wonder – Skeletons [Video 1987]