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JV – Edit Channel XXX


Can’t believe I slept on this one. It’s one of the finest edits I think I’ve heard. It’s a rare, one sided, 12 inch affair that’s incredibly difficult to get a hold of. Played at the right time, in the right place I think this would make for a pretty special moment…

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D-Train – Something’s On Your Mind


A 12 inch vinyl rip from D-Train here.. D-Train can’t really put a foot wrong in my book. Good for a saturday this. I wish this song could play every time I spoke to a girl.

D-Train – Something’s On Your Mind

D-Train – Something’s On Your Mind (Instrumental)


Parkway Rhythm – ‘Working Girl’ Dub


Check out the Parkway Records Soundcloud. It appears they have that Midas touch…

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Ben La Desh ‘Motion’


Something to ease you into what’s looking like a sunny bank holiday weekend…

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Discodromo & Massimiliano Pagliara – ‘Samba Imperiale’ (Kid Who Remix)


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Lord of The Isles – Searching


Edinburgh’s very own Lord of The Isles was on Tuesday night’s edition of Beats in Space. You can check out the mix and interview here.

Below is a snippet of ‘Searching,’ a personal highlight from the mix. This is a vinyl only release on  CockTail d’Amore. Watch the video here.

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Mzungu – The Third


There’s alot to like about this track.

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