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Big Ben Tribe – ‘Tarzan Loves The Summer Nights’


Next up, 1983 Italo classic and recently reissued – Big Ben Tribe ‘ Tarzan Loves The Summer Nights’.

“Tarzan Loves The Summer Nights” was recorded in Milan in the Spring of 1983 and released on Gong Records in 1984. The band created their signature sound using a Mini Moog, Prophet 5, Korg Synthesizer, LinnDrum, Alembic Bass and Fender Stratocaster. Guest vocalist Clara Moroni softly sings about a romantic jungle dream adventure where she is living with the handsome and brave Tarzan. Strong LinnDrum percussion serves as a counterpoint to the infectious vocal melody and catchy synth hooks. The B-side features an instrumental version with extended breaks and dubbed out bass lines.’

Check out the Dark Entries Label for their other 12inch offerings.

NY Edits 4 – ‘Untitled’


It’s all too easy to jump on the bandwagon and spout some nonsense about how edits are shite now and they have been ‘done to death’ etc. In fairness this is partly true, frankly we’ve been long since had our fill. However every so often an edit will stand out, the best example being JV’s ‘Channel XX Edits’ record of 2012, recently reissued and still sought after. This record kicks it with the best of them, sold as a ‘mysterious’ one off, super limited and ‘will sell fast;’

‘Put together by a legendary NY record store owner from a personal stash of edits constructed for back in the day club play, which still sound super fresh and effective today !’

NY Edits – ‘Untitled’ Side A

NY Edits – ‘Untitled’ Side B

Bottom line is, we love it and it’s sure to get an airing on our radio show ‘Crucial und Fresh!’ on MEATtransMISSION radio tonight. Joining us live in the mix is none other than Joe Lye of Amp + Deck. This summer saw him enjoy a residency at We Love Sundays at Space so expect a party.

Steve Moore – ‘Nemesis’


“How can we imagine the future of the world, away from the standards of time that we have insisted upon giving it? How to conceive of the movements of a world in its arcs and sweeps of continents and oceans across ages without reducing it to cheap historical humanisations? Does a past, present or future even matter to the yet-to-exist events of ungraspable and fundamental ecological time?”

Steve Moore’s – ‘Pangaea Ultima’, his debut album comes with more than its fair share of conceptual indorsement adding a post apocalpytic narrative (just read the press release here) that hardly seems required. The music speaks for itself on this one. ‘Nemesis’ makes explicit use of this motif and if like us you enjoyed Zen Spider’s last year then this should float your boat. There are some interesting parrallels between ‘Nemesis’ and Tangerine Dream’s 1983 ‘Love On A Real Train.’

(As an interesting side note, read about the prehistoric super continent Pangaea which existed 300 million years ago, Here which the album alludes a return too.)

Purchase it via Bandcamp here and take a look at Moore’s Tumblr for more insight and other projects.

Andrés – ‘Out In The Open’


New Year is well and truly over and a long train journey back to London, reality and oyster cards has given me time to reflect on some of the purchases made over the last few weeks. Sitting in the flat late at night with the rain belting down this track seems to go some way to making one’s soul feel existent once again. Not going to say much about this record, out on Moods & Grooves. Give it a listen.

TPA Mix 002 – ‘Fire In The Disco’ – Richie Sanks


Big mix just in from Richie Sanks of Cheltenham who sacked off Christmas with his family to record this in time to fill the post Christmas – pre New Year hole. Sank’s is a superb DJ, cutting his teeth in the basements of Manchester and Leeds whilst digging all things from boogie to house and whatever you may find in between. He played Beacons this year, Oxjam Festival, Peckham and has supported Bullion in Stockwell. He has even played backstage at Field Day this year where Solange Knowles took a shine to the Aslan boys and their impeccable selection. When asked about his style influences he says this season he’s been super inspired by LuckyMe’s very own DJ Paypal.   If you fancy seeing him and the Aslan Institute in the flesh and you’re after belter of party get down to the Lock Tavern this NYE – Lock Tavern – ‘The Paradise Discotheque.’ This mix is sure to rid you of that ‘Seasonal Adjustment Disorder’ you’ve just self diagnosed yourself with. Enjoy.

‘Go (Chez Damier Classic Mix)’ – The Urban Cru (Atal)
‘Saldubsa 2 (Original Mix)’ – Rick Wilhite (Stilove4music)
‘Wise Root’ – Wbeeza (Third Ear Recordings)
‘Unknown’ – Detroit (???)
‘Cut Down Trees’ – Hunee (W.T. Records)
‘Untitled (Kerri Chandler Bigga Mix)’ – Blackjoy (Freerange)
‘Dance With Me’ – Sound Stream (Sound Stream)
‘I Have No Name’ – Jay Daniel (Sound Signature)
‘Now Show’ – My Rules (My Rules)

Highlife Vol. 2 Family Affair


Alma Negra – ‘Carnaval’

In music, a call and response is a succession of two distinct phrases usually played by different musicians, where the second phrase is heard as a direct commentary on or response to the first.

That’s exactly what you get with Alma Negra’s – ‘Carnaval.’ A propulsive mix of tribal percussion, jazz trumpet and strong ‘call and response’ gives this record a ritualistic dance feel suitable down your local ‘beard scratching’ disco or a fireside in Lagos.

Mehmet Aslan – ‘Raptiye Rap’

Continuing the ‘World Music’ theme on the flipside, albeit in a radically different fashion is Mehmet Aslan’s ‘Raptiye Rap.’ An utterly daft piece of cosmic disco with a superb Turkish Rap that successfully promotes the current trend towards Eastern elements in contemporary dance music.


Unkown – ‘Your Love Is’


Im sitting here posting this and the Christmas top of the pops is on. It’s a complete nonsense. Instead have a listen to this record by an ‘Unkown’ artist. Originally a track by Syreeta, ‘Can’t Shake Your Love’ was a big one in the Paradise Garage, not that I was ever there.

Anyway, I’ve heard on the grapevine that ‘the well-known producer operating under the veil of anonymity’ is Linkwood. Who knows?

Try this on for size. It’s a one of pressing and its going fast. If you like it heavy on the percussion, big bass subs and a sizeable volume of soul then get hold of a copy. Underground Solushn still have a few copies.