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Bow Wow Wow Yippee Yo Yippee Yay!

Absolutely love this song. I first heard it in the film Menace II Society. I’ve posted the section of the film (approx 3.50 minutes) its in and the music video.

George Clinton – Atomic Dog.mp3

George Clinton – Atomic Dog (Instrumental).mp3

Kano (not the grime mc)


[suh-nawr-uhs, -nohr-, son-er-uhs]


1. giving out or capable of giving out a sound, esp. a deep,resonant sound, as a thing or place: a sonorous cavern.

2. loud, deep, or resonant, as a sound.

3. rich and full in sound, as language or verse.

4. high-flown; grandiloquent: a sonorous speech.

A Side Kano – Another Life.mp3

B Side Kano  – Another Life (Instrumental).mp3


A Side Sleazee – The Girls Are Out.mp3

B Side Sleazee – The Girls Are Out (Dub Mix).mp3


Cashmere – Do It Anyway You Wanna.mp3

Cashmere – Do It Anyway You Wanna (Instrumental).mp3

Eartha Kitt

The instrumental is better on this one. Playing in the Rowantree Bar tonight in support of My Tiny Robot’s EP launch. Come. 8 til 11.

Eartha Kitt – Where Is My Man (Instrumental).mp3

Eartha Kitt – Where Is My Man

Central Line

Central Line – You’ve Said Enough (Instrumental).mp3

Central Line- You’ve Said Enough (Vocal).mp3