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Some records I forced together for the third installment of Teesh at Sneaky Pete’s. An all vinyl mix (except one record)from all over the board, both old and new.

‘Last Sunset On Planet Earth’ – Space Dimension Controller – [R&S]
‘Turn To Light’ – Gonno – [International Feel]
‘200 (Kidjah Remix)’ – Baris K – [(Emotional) Especial]
‘Oxygene, Part V’ – Jean Michel Jarre [Disques Dreyfus]
‘Harlem Buck Dance Strut’ – Les McCann – [Rhino Atlantic]
‘Odyssey’ – Rival Consoles – [Erased Tapes]
‘Crime Pays’ – Hall & Oates – [RCA/BMG Heritage]
‘Drifting Back’ – Genius Of Time – [Royal Oak]
‘Hello Ada!’ Original Mix – Iron Curtis & Leaves Pres. SMPL – [Black Key Records]
‘Mad Disrespect’ – Anthony Naples – [Saturday Night Records]
‘Filament in Strata’ – Pixelife / Afie Yusuf – [Horn Wax]
‘Colt’ – Dense & Pika – [Hot Flush]
‘Red Smoke’ – Ghost Culture – [Phantasy Sound]
‘It’s Essential’ – Fantastc Man [Lets Play House]
‘Gwad Bwash’ (Tuff City Kids Remix) – Future Four – [Phantasy Sound]
‘Let Me Take U’ (Orig UK Mix) – T-Kut [Parkway Records]
‘Fox’ – The Rhythm Odyssey & Dr Dunks [Golf Channel]
Unkown – Persnickety Edits
‘Mind & Body’ – Soulphiction – [Philpot]
‘Make It With You’ – Bread – [Sony Music Entertainment]


A mix I put together for:

“TEESH ~club~ a new party being held in Edinburgh’s foremost home of brilliant fun and underground music, Sneaky Pete’s.”


The is a blend of the records I’m enjoying right now, 100% vinyl and ropey as fuck.


“It’s a mix of vinyl and digital. I tend to trawl charity shops and record shops bargain bins and taking anything that has a good cover or an alternative dub version.. The more absurd the cover the better. I take my music with a pinch of salt..

The real interest is in the way music can transform the energy of a space, whether thats a sultry slow jam or 124 bpm 3am job. If you can take people with you then all the better… so here’s a 1hr 30 earful of disco. The levels are all over the shop. Bring the heat..”


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