Chris Raeburn – TPA MIX 008

Chris Raeburn TPA mix

“Has anyone got a soldering iron I can borrow” Chris Raeburn’s status on a well know social media website last week. We can only hazard a guess at what ‘Crabes’ is up too but I get the distinct impression he might be doing a little bit of light  circuit bending. It’s just a guess mind you.

“Circuit bending is the creative, chance-based customization of the circuits within electronic devices such as low voltage, battery-powered guitar effects, children’s toys and digital synthesizers to create new musical or visual instruments and sound generators.”

…but never mind the circuit bending. More importantly, unbeknownst to us Chris is a relative of the famous 18th century Scottish portrait painter Henry Raeburn, a fact he downplays as he wishes not to live in the shadow of his forebears fame. Instead people in Edinburgh know him for his fine taste in all things house his appreciation of the more traditional aspects of the craft (i.e he plays vinyl). You can be sure that Chris will never be the one to ‘sleep’ on what is the latest in beard stroking house music.

If you were in any doubt about Chris’ taste then have pop at this lovingly compiled, live mix recorded using his technics 1210’s in his bedroom studio. He assures us he recorded it in one take. Its perfect for the hot weather and an ideal way to start the week. You can catch Chris at his weekly residency at Juice. Pass me the solder please.


Carib Zine Launch

photo 2We are doing the music all afternoon at a secret location for the Carib zine launch tomorrow afternoon. Artists Liam Richardson and Ruairi McCance have been pouring over this for over a year now and has finally come to see the light of day. The printing is done, the bar has been built, the chicken has been jerked and the Carib beer is being chilled.

“Expect to see; Jelly and AK47s glistening in a rum sunset, an LA raiders Homer carved out of wood, Jesus in space playing with effervescent globules of sludge with his scythe, Old Monk with his see-through head and floating emblems on pyscho camouflage. All under spangly lights with cold beverages.”

Check the preview pages below. Get in touch if you’d like to order on of these very limited Carib zines!

Page 34 Page 3a

LISTEN AGAIN: Crucial & Fresh w/ Farm Fest DJs


Last week climbing up dangerous non compliant ladder of death and into the studio with us were Joe & Si (Farmfest DJs)

So Farmfest Dj’s you may be wondering? Their name comes from the intimate festival they created in the heart of Somerset, showcasing new and old musical talent, spanning a variety of genres. We went last year and we can assure you its well worth a visit if you haven’t already. 


The boys played a top notch selection of disco/boogie, freestyle and house. Included in our set were the likes of Hi & Saberhagen, Atlus (see previous posts) and Guised. Make sure you check them all. This friday joining us for a special mix is dear friend Saul Wilkes of the Boogie Cartel. Promises to be good wan.


TEESH MIX 009 – Telfort

10443728_10152423441297856_2040124889_nAppearing at TEESH’ new Saturday night slot at Sneaky Pete’s on June 14th, Telfort has recorded a mix demonstrating his plans for the dancefloor with panache. Enjoy an hour of excellent sounds plucked from a pool of DJ’s and Producers the world over including a healthy slather of Scottish representation.

The TEESH office is enjoying this working with the window open this sunny afternoon along with that Janzsoon Aeropress’d Coffeeeeeeeeeee 🙂 DJ Cheers x

Suzanne Kraft – Feel
Percussions – Sext
Presk – MOD1
Vince Watson – Rendezvous
Fort Romeau – Jetee
Telfort – Bansuri Tapes
Telfort – Artefact
Atlus – Zopiclone
John Daly – Move (Club Mix)
Chez Damier – Help Myself (Unreleased Reshape)
Joseph Marinetti – S W M
Ron Trent – I Feel The Rhythm
Damiano Von Erckert – No Fish In Detroit

Party =
More from Telfort =

Atlus – ‘Teem’


‘If you’re not squad, team, or troops then i’m afraid you’ll have to get out,’ the words I hear on my first ‘4am on a Saturday-Atlus’ encounter. It’s safe to say you’ll want to be part of the Atlus squad. When not working in Rubadub, Glasgow’s young gun Hector Barbour has been making tunes / waves / faces melt in his cupboard (and the club) for 2 years and his ascendancy to a Deadmaus\Avicii type supremacy seems almost set in stone.

His latest offering ‘Midweekend,’ is a 3 track ep conjuring up images of an endless weekend, never going to bed and nervously waiting for the off license to open as you realise you have written off your weekend and your mum probably hates you. With titles such as ‘Sunday Morning’ and ‘You’ve Got To Let This Thing Go’ you get the idea..

Our favourite has to be ‘Teem,’ a big old anxiety inducing shuffler of track that purveys a ‘we’ve got the whole weekend ahead of us’ type excitement. (We will be playing this on our ‘Crucial & Fresh’ radio show tomorrow night)

When asked about the e.p he says ‘it’s based primarily on when I moved back to Glasgow, I kinda got shown that there are so many ways to look day to day life… and the weekend hasn’t really ended for me yet…’

We highly recommend that you but this 3 track weekend journey from his bandcamp HERE. You name your price. Check his Soundcloud here.

Be sure to check out the artist responsible for the art! Elliot Mcintosh

LISTEN AGAIN: Crucial & Fresh w/ Steve Lee


Steve Lee is a busy man, a very busy man. Heading up his label (Above Machine Records), fronting his band (The Project Club), remixing for the likes of U KA on Groovitron, under the alias S L O, running parties east of London and Beyond… oh, and he’s a serious vinyl head. With all that its a wonder he found time to come on the show. However, he has and we’re honored to have him as this weeks guest.

Hear what Steve’s been up to, hereRead all about Steve, here on Test Pressing. 

Day & Night Terrace Party with Vakula || Lovebirds || Brackles at The Prince of Wales


Eighty Six productions have asked us to play at their London party debut this Saturday at the Prince of Wales in Brixton. It’s an all day / all night terrace party sort of affair with the likes of Vakula, Love Birds and Brackles all playing. Myself Brixton local self proclaimed ‘badman,’ Flaxman will be taking control for a  4 hour back 2 back reach around session from 7 – 11 pm. To top it all off its a bank holiday weekend as well. Bevvy and dancing and never going to bed.

You can buy tickets through the Resident Advisor page here and check the event Facebook page here.

In the meantime here’s a little slice of Chi-Town goodness from Marco Spoon, Gotta Get Back In Your Arms, the dub version. You can also catch myself  (Semi-Deluxe) and Dr. Astroturf playing a 6 hour set at the Lock tavern this Sunday night. More details to come.