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LISTEN AGAIN: Crucial & Fresh Radio w/ Saul Wilks (Boogie Cartel)


In his own words “I’ll be hitting L Town’s airwaves tomorrow night playing backto back with Edinburgh’s finest and one half of Crucial and Fresh Tom Russell. Tune in and get a meaty fix of sleazery that’ll see you right for the weekend ahead.”

That was just over a week ago and now is your opportunity to listen again. Watch out for him playing the Downlow Radio Tent at Glastonbury this week.

TPA MIX 005 – Saul Wilks (The Boogie Cartel)


Another mix has just trickled through the door, this time from one quarter of the Boogie Cartel and Welshman, Saul Wilks. Saul spent his formative years in Newport where his parents immersed him in Northern Soul from the get go, taking him to soul parties and instilling a fundamental appreciation for recorded music, vinyl and dance at an early age.

He cut his teeth in Birmingham in the likes of the Custard Factory, Subway and later in London where he got involved in the ‘resurgent Disco scene’. It’s here that he met his life long DJ partners (and friends) ‘The Boogie Cartel.’ 

They started their own party and also curate a successful blog which is now 3 years old and  getting stronger. The Big Man is an avid collector\lover\digger of Boogie, Chicago House, 80s Funk, Modern Soul and everything of that ilk. As well as their regular shows at the Nest (next date 22nd March), the Boogie Cartel had a pop at Glatonbury last summer and will be playing all night, from 9 pm tomorrow night at XOYO.

Described in his own words; “This mix is comprised of 80s street soul gems, Boogie Funk bangers and Chicago House.”

Saul Wilks is no stranger to a party, if you ever have the pleasure of meeting him when you are out, his is a cold glass of Rose.  His menswear company Ardour Brand’s strap line reads as ‘From passion comes product,’ a sentiment that pervades the man and his mix.

Saul W of the Boogie Cartel


Haven’t been able to post for a while due to the rigmarole of moving house and the incompentence of internet service providers.

On a more positve note I have had the pleasure of spending a couple of Saturday afternoons recently getting melted with the Aslan Crew & Saul W of The Boogie Cartel.

Here’s a mix from the big man himself – ‘Sleazy Like Monday Morning.’ Look out for a couple of  favourites including The Cool Notes ‘Natural Energy’ and a Dub of Total Contrast’s ‘What You Gonna Do About It.’

 Check their next party, Saturday (the 5th October) at the Nest…

and once you’re done with that Sunday’s looking like the Lock Tavern hosted by the Aslan Institute with Roasts, Boogie and live funk from The Sewage Jam Band. More spam to cometh. 

Boogie Cartel – ‘Good News Boppers’


Here’s a nice song from the Boogie Cartel.  A nice stabby bass line and the high hat is well worth the wait. It has more than a hint of Ilija Rudman  to it. Catch the free download.

If you liked that...




Metabeats ft. Vanity Jay – ‘Passport’


As ubiquitous as this type of boogie/aesthetic is becoming these days you still can’t deny it. Big hand claps, a rollin bassline & vhs quality video. Interesting interview with Metabeats over on Boogie Cartel and more info at Associated Minds.

If you liked that...


Bobbi G – Lollipop


Found at the Boogie Cartel