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Giovanni Damico – ‘Fella On A Cloud’ and ‘Atypical Noise’

tumblr_mr37xzNacV1rd11tco1_500This arrived in the post today. Having completely forgotten, it turns out the track I bought it for is far eclipsed by the recording on the flip. Maybe it’s the Eden Cottage, ;2 for 2′ that clouds my judgement. More than a pinch of Keni Burke’s ‘Rising to The Top’ here. ‘Atypical Noise’ does something that closely resembles something on the boogie spectrum…etc. Either way, ideal late night Thursday listening.

Giovanni Damico – ‘Fella On A Cloud’

Giovanni Damico  – ‘Atypical Noise’

TPA MIX 005 – Saul Wilks (The Boogie Cartel)


Another mix has just trickled through the door, this time from one quarter of the Boogie Cartel and Welshman, Saul Wilks. Saul spent his formative years in Newport where his parents immersed him in Northern Soul from the get go, taking him to soul parties and instilling a fundamental appreciation for recorded music, vinyl and dance at an early age.

He cut his teeth in Birmingham in the likes of the Custard Factory, Subway and later in London where he got involved in the ‘resurgent Disco scene’. It’s here that he met his life long DJ partners (and friends) ‘The Boogie Cartel.’ 

They started their own party and also curate a successful blog which is now 3 years old and  getting stronger. The Big Man is an avid collector\lover\digger of Boogie, Chicago House, 80s Funk, Modern Soul and everything of that ilk. As well as their regular shows at the Nest (next date 22nd March), the Boogie Cartel had a pop at Glatonbury last summer and will be playing all night, from 9 pm tomorrow night at XOYO.

Described in his own words; “This mix is comprised of 80s street soul gems, Boogie Funk bangers and Chicago House.”

Saul Wilks is no stranger to a party, if you ever have the pleasure of meeting him when you are out, his is a cold glass of Rose.  His menswear company Ardour Brand’s strap line reads as ‘From passion comes product,’ a sentiment that pervades the man and his mix.



Our next installment sees Andy Danet formely or Witness party fame and ‘selectah’ extraordinaire give us a brief over view of his perfect phonic breakfast, lunch and dinner. Danet now lives and works in France and doesn’t have decks which sadens him deeply. Cheerzz.


Good way to start the day, with a song about dreams and beautiful women. Usually I only take a black tea and an apple for breakfast but when you listen to this record, you can just imagine yourself sipping that freshly squeezed OJ whilst you scramble big yellow eggs in that condominium on South Beach.

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Moon Runner – ‘Interactive track’


Always on the forefront of whats and new and ‘hot’ here’s a track from early 2012, by  Mexican double act Moon Runner. Released on the German label Toy Tonics, Interactive Track is taken from the ‘Grandes Exitos’ EP. This track isn’t for everyone, certainly not one for the purists but none the less is quite infectious, a touch on the silly side and certainly good humoured. Much like the man who brought it to my attention; George Rowe.

Jimmy “Bo” Horne – ‘Let’s Do It’ (Dub Mix)


Jimmy “Bo” Horne, probably best know for the track Spanktelling us all that we should ‘do it’. As per, the Dub Mix comes out on top.

Karen Young – ‘You Don’t Know What You Got’


A little 1983 boogie number here from Canada’s Karen Young.

Just a reminder about two parties we are involved with this Friday;

For those of you in London we have ‘Crucial und Fresh!’ at  Life Bar on Old Street. We start at 9 pm, volume goes up at 11 and the sofas go away. Get down early. It’s going to be busy….

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…and for those of you lucky enough to reside in the UKs number one city, Edinburgh, we have ‘Teesh’ at our old stalwarts Sneak Pete’s. Starts at 11 pm with your host Ryan Marinello and especial guest, Derry’s very own Atticus Jacks. You can find more information on our ‘Parties’ page.

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Van Twist – ‘Hot Wax’