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Atlus – ‘Teem’


‘If you’re not squad, team, or troops then i’m afraid you’ll have to get out,’ the words I hear on my first ‘4am on a Saturday-Atlus’ encounter. It’s safe to say you’ll want to be part of the Atlus squad. When not working in Rubadub, Glasgow’s young gun Hector Barbour has been making tunes / waves / faces melt in his cupboard (and the club) for 2 years and his ascendancy to a Deadmaus\Avicii type supremacy seems almost set in stone.

His latest offering ‘Midweekend,’ is a 3 track ep conjuring up images of an endless weekend, never going to bed and nervously waiting for the off license to open as you realise you have written off your weekend and your mum probably hates you. With titles such as ‘Sunday Morning’ and ‘You’ve Got To Let This Thing Go’ you get the idea..

Our favourite has to be ‘Teem,’ a big old anxiety inducing shuffler of track that purveys a ‘we’ve got the whole weekend ahead of us’ type excitement. (We will be playing this on our ‘Crucial & Fresh’ radio show tomorrow night)

When asked about the e.p he says ‘it’s based primarily on when I moved back to Glasgow, I kinda got shown that there are so many ways to look day to day life… and the weekend hasn’t really ended for me yet…’

We highly recommend that you but this 3 track weekend journey from his bandcamp HERE. You name your price. Check his Soundcloud here.

Be sure to check out the artist responsible for the art! Elliot Mcintosh

Listen Again – Crucial & Fresh w/ Belch (notsosilent) 02/05/14

Crucial Radio6post

On the night of Friday the 2nd May, whilst you were busy trying to forget about your jobs, we were stood in a confined space, pushing Lynx Africa to its technical limit and furiously mixing our bi monthly radio show – ‘Crucial & Fresh.’ (bi monthly actually means twice a month and every second month?)

Climbing the ladder and into the studio with us was Belch of the Notsosilent party purveyor crew. Having recently added Leon Vynehall to their roster of residents and throwing parties in three major cities it would seem these chaps have set their sites on nationwide rooftop/club supremacy. For those of you who are in London and have a  penchant for an all day affair, you should  purchase tickets for their roof top parties HERE. 

“notsosilent started throwing parties in Edinburgh in 2012 bringing guests like Midland, Joy Orbison, Roman Flügel and Gerd to the Scottish capital.
2013 saw the three-man crew add a monthly Glasgow party to their programming securing Scottish debuts for the likes of FunkinEvil, Moomin and Marquis Hawkes alongside other guests such as Move D, Prosumer, and Tama Sumo.
With one third of the crew now in London the party prepares to set up shop in the capital for 2014 with a series of rooftop parties over summer and regular monthly events alongside it’s Scottish program thereafter.”

As for the show, (these are his own words) Belch says he enjoys “employing individual elements from a variety of sources, systems, or styles,” in other words, he has eclectic taste. His mix does well to show off the extent of his musical knowledge. Apart from that, Belch genuinely looks like hes enjoying himself when he is behind a pair of decks, an aspiration that should always be high on disc jockeys list of priorities regardless of skill or genre.

Expect to weave in out of jazz funk, soul, disco, hip hop and house as Belch takes the reins for the first half with myself taking the second hour playing some Chicago tracks recently picked up in Berlin’s Record Loft and some new chin stroking house cutzzzz from the wall at Kristina. Cheers!

This Friday we will be joined by Steve Lee. Check his recent interview on TEST PRESSING.


SNACK TRAX 003 – Telfort

TelfortSnackTrax copy

“Big Ups” (as they say in London) to Big Sam Telfort for providing us with a first rate run down of his optimal Snack Trax day. For those that know Telfort you’ll know he’s got some exciting projects in the pipeline, for those that don’t you’ll have to wait and see.

2013 saw Telfort release ‘Outskirts’ on the Witness EP 02 which featured on XLR8R. If you need any further confirmation of the DJ (who also performs live sets)/Producer’s ability then look no further than hisSoundcloud. Keep your ear out for the recent Are We There Yet’ which he informs me will be available for download sometime this week, if not already.

He assures me that what he has transcribed below is a factual account of his day. Telfort, never one to mince his words and always shrouded in mystery has set the bar high for our new Snack Trax series. One track for breakfast. One track for lunch. One track for dinner. As the french say, ‘There it is!’

Follow the big chap on Facebake and Twitter. Continue reading

Lord Of The Isles – ‘C20 Symphony’ & ‘C020’


“The designation Lord of the Isles (Scottish Gaelic: Triath nan Eilean or Rìgh Innse Gall) is today a title of Scottish nobility with historical roots that go back beyond the Kingdom of Scotland. It emerged from a series of hybrid Viking/Gaelic rulers of the west coast and islands of Scotland in the Middle Ages, who wielded sea-power with fleets of galleys.”

Very much delighted that this music comes from Edinburgh. If you need any confirmation of just how good this chap is listen to his Beats in Space podcast from last year. Released on German label ‘Permanent Vacation’ every tracks a keeper, this record is well worth your dance floor and your pocket money. Buy the vinyl and check the other side.

Lord Of The Isles – ‘C20 Symphony’

Lord Of The Isles – ‘C020′

Sevendeaths – ‘Sinking Relief’


‘Sevendeaths is the solitary work of original ‘Americanmen’ member; the Edinburgh-based Steven Shade. His forthcoming album,Concreté Misery is a dark, fluctuating work of human and programme-automated writing where modern classical, electronic and black metal all war in tumult. Sevendeaths – Conreté Misery coming soon on LuckyMe Records.’  

We are always happy to support any new music coming out of Edinburgh and I’m pretty much in love with this track. It would make an incredible opening to a set or show and near enough brings me to tears. We implore you to go and buy this from the Sevendeaths Bandcamp.

Space Ost. – ‘0.5×313’


Good news for everyone’s overall happiness and general well being. One of our pals has had a track featured on LuckyMe’s advent calendar. ‘0.5×313’ is a collaborative of project from an enigmatic Sam Telford & Joe Durnan, under the guise of Space OST. Those of you in the Edinburgh contingent may have already heard this and for good reason. ‘Deep house’ is a word thats all too often abused in this day and age but ‘0.5×313’ sets the record straight . What’s more it’s free on the LuckyMe site. So I say go and get it.

Atticus Jacks – TEESH MIX 002


A few words ahead of this Friday’s Teesh from Ryan Marinello;

Atticus Jacks latest mix opens with a pitched down excerpt of DJ Sprinkles discussing how his name came about. How on point is that?

Songs from Atheus’ ‘Deploy’ through Roman Flügel’s ‘Dishes & Wishes’ peck away like brooding hens, patiently leading towards shrewd choices like ‘Running Out Of Time’ by Cliff Lothar in a markedly throb-some change of tone. A classic from The Nathaniel X Project, some deep/tech house ear biscuits pop in for a visit, whilst the kettle is freshly boiled and we finish upon arguably the best track from D’Marc Cantu’s ALternate Frequency EP, ‘Size & Shape’. I look forward to seeing what size and shape those in attendance at TEESH No.2 are in after this talented Producer and DJ has had his time.’     

1. Atheus – Deploy
2. Norm Talley – The Journey (Scott Grooves Panther Remix)
3. LoSoul – Vacuum Stance (MCDE Remix)
4. Roman Flügel – Dishes & Wishes
5. Mark E – Call Me (Dixon Edit)
6. LoSoul – Lies
7. Cliff Lothar – Running Out Of Time
8. The Nathaniel X Project – Free Yourself
9. DJ W!ld – I’m Not Human
10. Kasper Bjorke – Alcatraz (Jimpster Dub)
11. Marcellus Pittman – RAZZ 09
12. Chez Damiez – You Ain’t Dancing (Bredit)
13. D’Marc Cantu – Size & Shape