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Maze – Twilight


Dino – 24/7


This is totally ridiculous but the Sax & the 808 are worth it.

Adeva – Beautiful Love


Into that? You’re into this… The Controllers –  Stay

You Used To Hold Me – Xavier (The New Dance Show)


You might have spotted these being recycled in videos at the moment. (PPU, Medlar Etc). This is orginal ‘The New Dance Show’… Totally wild.

Image courtesey of ‘Big Man Leroy Silk’ over at My Eagles In Drag


Into that? You’re into this… Robbie M – PPU & PPU VIDEO PARTY #2 — JAM CITY USA — 80s FUNK & FASHION


Mini-documentary on ‘sampling’ circa 1989



Heavy Duty Gear

This has some strong content.

I’m Not Sure If I Can I Go For That

This is veering off course a little. Its a cover of Hall and Oates’ ‘I Can’t Go For That,‘  probably one of my favourite songs from a band with more hits than you can shake a stick at. I bought this album purely for this remake and the sleave. The beats are good but the vocals are pretty poor. The original is there so you draw your own comparisons. Good for a laugh.

The Main Ingredient – I Can’t Go For that.mp3

Hall and Oates – I Can’t Go For That.mp3