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Cappuccino – ‘Hell Dance With Me’


Interesting story attached to this record. It was pulled out of an unsorted, ‘new in’ pile at my local second hand record shop, Lucky Seven. It certainly looked interesting and had been missed by the gentleman browsing before me. Upon paying for my purchase the shop owner asked to play it on the system and a few ears pricked up. The conversation then went onto how much he should charge for it and that he should check discogs first. I told the gentleman that I needed to work on my poker face and he took pity on me charging me a mere 3 pounds.

I left the shop knowing that I had found something special and couldn’t wait to check how much it was worth. Further down the street I pulled out my iPhone to check Discogs. Much to my excitement I see the record is going for over a hundred euros, at that very moment a leather gloved hand appears over my shoulder and a man on a moped makes off with my expensive smart phone. He had actually come up onto the pavement behind me and snuck up the inside, snatched the phone and driven off all in one move. Needless to say there wasn’t very much I could do about it. I found solace in my newly acquired record. Another check on discogs revealed that I hd in fact bought a bootleg version worth not very much at all.

Bottom line is, be careful with your phone and this is an incredible record, regardless of price. Its from 1981, DJ Harvey plays it and it’s cosmic.

Japan – ‘Visions of China’


Another band you grow up with, sitting in the back of the car with your dad blasting this on the 6 CD changer (that was in the boot). It’s funny how you can hear a track a million times but it’s not until you hear it in a different context that you actually appreciate it.

Landscape – ‘From The Team Rooms of Mars’


… to the Hell-Holes of Uranus. The title of electro pop pioneers, Landscape’ 1981 album, featuring two UK top 40 hits, ‘Einstein a Go Go’ and  ‘Norman Bates.’ The band consisted of Richard James Burgess, Christopher Heaton, Andy Pask, Peter Thoms, and John Walters. Burgess produced Spandau Ballet and Colonel Abrams, two personal favourites. Not only that, Pask wrote the them tune for the Bill.

Anyway, here are two of my picks from the album (bought for 99p). I haven’t posted much lately because I’ve been busy getting drunk. Expect alot more to come very soon. Oh and Merry Christmas.

‘Shake The West Awake’

‘Computer Person’


Manuel Göttsching – ‘E2 – E4’


Rather than try to re iterate what other people have said about this record, read this introduction from a recent Guardian article.

‘In December 1981, Manuel Göttsching was due to fly from his native Berlin to Hamburg. In need of some music for his Walkman, he decided to record an idea that he was working on. Thirty-two years later, the reverberations of his work in Studio Roma that Saturday evening are still being felt. In terms of modern dance music’s DNA, the hour-long piece that he produced, E2-E4, is as important as any disco, funk or Kraftwerk record. Recorded in one take, with Göttsching improvising keyboards and noodly guitar over its insistent synthesizer patterns and metallic percussion – a process made possible by the recent advent of the sequencer – E2-E4 distilled the classical minimalism of Terry Riley and Steve Reich into a groove that became a Paradise Garage anthem. In 1989, it was rebooted by Italians Sueño Latino as a rave era chill-out classic.’

Tony Naylor, The Guardian, Friday 30 August 2013

Alicia Myers – I Want To Thank You


There’s something about the piano in this track gives me a stonner.

Billy Ocean – Stay The Night (Extended)


Grauzone – Eisbär


The photo is ’40,000 ft’ by Gavin Craigie, please check his website.