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Horse Meat Disco III


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Fried Tofu 02

FRIED TOFU is an edit label dedicated to bring some soulful sounds to the dancefloor.  As these days alot of over compressed sound is competing for the attention of the masses, some of the old days sexiness seems to be missing. FRIED TOFU is not participating in the ongoing war of loudness and delivers instead some music that is dedicated to the groove rather than mere intensity.”

The Player’s were happy to see an extra tasty portion of Fried Tofu appear in the inbox the other day. The above quote sums up the labels ambitions much of which is about giving the records respect and allowing the original rawness to still pervade . July 2011 sees the release of FT02 which will only be released on vinyl and it numbers will be limited. Whet your appetite with a delicious preview;

FT02; A1 Trying To Hold Back (Promo)

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Peoples Potential Unlimited

Peoples Potential Unlimited are purveyors of old and rare boogie tracks plus they make these vintage video tapes, the aesthetic is perfect.  They also have an online record shop called EARCAVE. Get them checked.

Catch them in the mix and interview at Phonica Blog.

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