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Karen Young – ‘You Don’t Know What You Got’


A little 1983 boogie number here from Canada’s Karen Young.

Just a reminder about two parties we are involved with this Friday;

For those of you in London we have ‘Crucial und Fresh!’ at  Life Bar on Old Street. We start at 9 pm, volume goes up at 11 and the sofas go away. Get down early. It’s going to be busy….

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…and for those of you lucky enough to reside in the UKs number one city, Edinburgh, we have ‘Teesh’ at our old stalwarts Sneak Pete’s. Starts at 11 pm with your host Ryan Marinello and especial guest, Derry’s very own Atticus Jacks. You can find more information on our ‘Parties’ page.

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Ronnie Dyson – ‘All Over Your Face’


Right then. Here’s Ronnie Dyson’s ‘All Over Your Face’ is about as good as it gets. Released in 1983 and mixed by John Morales & Sergio Munzibai of the M & M release series.

Orlando Johnson & Trance – ‘Turn The Music On’



Plenty more vinyl rips like this to come. Check out the work of the producer; Jellybean Benitez…here.

Orlando Johnson & Trance – Turn The Music On (Vocal)

Orlando Johnson & Trance – Turn The Music On (Instrumental)

D-Train – Something’s On Your Mind


A 12 inch vinyl rip from D-Train here.. D-Train can’t really put a foot wrong in my book. Good for a saturday this. I wish this song could play every time I spoke to a girl.

D-Train – Something’s On Your Mind

D-Train – Something’s On Your Mind (Instrumental)


Captain Rapp – ‘Bad Times (I Cant Stand It)’


Captain Rapp’s or Larry Earl Glenn’s ‘Bad Times (I Can’t Stand It)’ is a direct response from the West Coast to Grand Master Flash’s politically charged masterpiece ‘The Message’. Apparently the name satires Chic’s ‘Good Times.’

All of the above, I’ve just regurgitated from wikipedia. Just get that stabby bass sound in and around your ears.


Glen Jones – ‘I’m Somebody’


Yes, as far as boogie goes it does not come any more delicious than this.

If you liked that...

Alexander Robotnick – ‘Problemes d’amour’


A 1983 cult hit from Italo producer Alexander Robotnick…

If you liked that...