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Paradise Garage Closing Week – August 27th 1987

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Everyone knows the Paradise Garage but few have been there and there’s little footage documenting what happened there. This incredibly rare footage has only just emerged from the depths of the disco ether.

The Paradise Garage is the blue print for all the modern clubs that us snotty nosed internet saturated wee cnts enjoy today . There’s no need to describe what happens here. Just sit and watch the whole thing. All 2 hours.

Capablanca & T.Keeler – ‘Acido’


This is a brooding disco monster, with an equally twisted video. Both versions are worth a listen. You can hear the orginal in the second part of ‘No Ordinary Monkeys’ recent Beats in Space  mix.

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Metabeats ft. Vanity Jay – ‘Passport’


As ubiquitous as this type of boogie/aesthetic is becoming these days you still can’t deny it. Big hand claps, a rollin bassline & vhs quality video. Interesting interview with Metabeats over on Boogie Cartel and more info at Associated Minds.

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Midnight Star – No Parking On The Dance Floor


It’s friday…



There’s going to be belters a plenty. Playing at the above on the 22nd in the Grosvenor (Stockwell).  It’s a 5 am finish. Bring the heat….

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This is a jam…

Dino – 24/7


This is totally ridiculous but the Sax & the 808 are worth it.

Game – All Night All Day (’91 Video – R&B Slow-Jam)