Our new ‘Snack Trax’ series, where affiliated disc jockeys, producers and music lovers pick three tracks, one for breakfast, one for lunch and one for dinner. It’s pretty simple but it should provoke some interesting and alternative ways of thinking.

SNACK TRAX 003 – Telfort

“Big Ups” (as they say in London) to Big Sam Telfort for providing us with a first rate run down of his optimal Snack Trax day…He assures me that what he has transcribed below is a factual account of his day. Telfort, never one to mince his words and always shrouded in mystery has set the bar high for our new Snack Trax series!


Our next installment see’s Andy Danet formely or Witness party fame and ‘selectah’ extraordinaire give us a brief over view of his perfect phonic breakfast, lunch and dinner. Danet now lives and works in France and doesn’t have decks which sadens him deeply. Cheerzz.

SNACK TRAX 001- BEN//LA//DASH (Aslan Inst)

Starting us off is boogie stalwart ‘Ben//La//Dash’ of the unrelenting Aslan Institute. When not writing, talking or wearing fashion you can
usually find him either reclining in his yurt or in/on/around a set
of turnatables. With a ’Bez’ like status his italo selections are always second
to none. The buffet is open…

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