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Lost Box Of 7 Inch Singles

Haven’t posted for a while as a terrible thing happened. On Tuesday night I lost a box of 7 inch singles. Either they were taken or I left them somewhere. Probably the latter of the two. Somwhere between Sneaky Pete’s in the Cowgate and Bruntsfield Gardens. If anyone knows anything please get in touch.The box is maroon coloured and made of fake leather with a gold latch. I’ve posted a melancholy Syl Johnson track called ‘Wind Blow Her Back My Way.’

Ilija Rudman – The Reveal

Ilija Rudman’s album the reveal came out this month. I don’t like to go on but this was all made with the same equipment and methods that the pros used back in the day, that means no laptops. I’ll say no more.

Instruments used in making The Reveal Album :
Roland Jupiter 8 , Roland Jupiter 4 , Minimoog , Oberheim Xpander , Yamaha FS 1 R , Roland SH 2 , Roland Juno 60 , EMU III , Linn Drum , Oberheim DMX , EMU Sp 12 , Fender Stratocaster

Ilija Rudman – Gentle Fire.mp3

Ilija Rudman – Show Me The Magic.mp3

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The sound I’m using on the Korg Triton LE is called Velo Pulse Clav, patch A-087.

This guy is for real. Ronald Jenkees here.

Nord Modular G2 Keyboard

More from Shook here. And the Nord Modular G2 here.

Lazer Tits!

Found this website on my travels through cyberspace. It’s not music but the imagery is amazing. Check it out Lazer Tits here.

Invite To A Party With The Pointer Sisters

Today I entered a new realm. An ex-record shop owner kindly let me into his house today to look through his collection. He has 22,000 records. I only got through a fraction of them but found some real gold. This was one of them, if you look closely you will see it’s not actually a record but an invitation to meet and hear The Pointer Sisters. Don’t know what to make of this but its a nice object none the less. Below are two tracks from ‘Break Out.’

The Pointer Sisters – Automatic.mp3

The Pointer Sisters – Baby Come and Get It.mp3