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Chris Raeburn – TPA MIX 008

Chris Raeburn TPA mix

“Has anyone got a soldering iron I can borrow” Chris Raeburn’s status on a well know social media website last week. We can only hazard a guess at what ‘Crabes’ is up too but I get the distinct impression he might be doing a little bit of light  circuit bending. It’s just a guess mind you.

“Circuit bending is the creative, chance-based customization of the circuits within electronic devices such as low voltage, battery-powered guitar effects, children’s toys and digital synthesizers to create new musical or visual instruments and sound generators.”

…but never mind the circuit bending. More importantly, unbeknownst to us Chris is a relative of the famous 18th century Scottish portrait painter Henry Raeburn, a fact he downplays as he wishes not to live in the shadow of his forebears fame. Instead people in Edinburgh know him for his fine taste in all things house his appreciation of the more traditional aspects of the craft (i.e he plays vinyl). You can be sure that Chris will never be the one to ‘sleep’ on what is the latest in beard stroking house music.

If you were in any doubt about Chris’ taste then have pop at this lovingly compiled, live mix recorded using his technics 1210’s in his bedroom studio. He assures us he recorded it in one take. Its perfect for the hot weather and an ideal way to start the week. You can catch Chris at his weekly residency at Juice. Pass me the solder please.

TPA MIX 006 – Floatingboy ‘Catching a Vibe’

Floating Boy TPA MIX

It’s Monday and you’ve heard/had enough club music. Doing the honors on the mixing front this week is Scotland’s own Floatingboy (resident at Juice, member of the Gastric Band and general explorer of sound.) Self effacing he is,  loquacious he is not. Cameron Cullen and egotism are words that dont go together, this boy’s got talent but doesn’t feel the need to shout about it. Have a listen to this brand new piece ‘So We Our Best Should Give.’ It contains emotion.

As for the mix, its as broad ranging as you can get, opening with the eccentric jazz of Sun Ra, moving on to the Huerco S (outsider house?) and beyond. I’m really not joking here, this mix defies all convention. I have listened to it six times now and it sounds completely different every time. Either way it’s an incredible accompaniment to start the start of the week.

Download Link

Sun Ra – ‘Demon’s Lullaby’
Huerco S – ‘Prinzif’
Quasimoto – ‘Catching a Vibe’
Nujabes – ‘Haiku’
Steve Spacek – ‘Dollar’
Floating Points – ‘For You’
John Coltrane – ‘Ascension’
Theo Parrish – ‘ Love Is War For Miles’
Takuya Matsumoto – ‘Drafting Under The Stairs’
James Mason – ‘Nightgruv’
Efdemin – ‘Revenge’
Pepe Bradock – ‘Right Way’
Cities Aviv – ‘Don’t Ever Look Back’
Steven Tang – ‘Some Solace’
Huerco S – ‘Elma’ (Ruff Rub)
Gala Drop – ‘Rauze’

George Astroturf – ‘SNACK TRAX! Promo Mix’


George Astroturf has whipped up this delicious tasting mix in preparation for our Sunday afternoon/evening  of ‘SNACK TRAX!‘ We have been asked by the ‘Gravy Train’ to  take over the space below the Showmen’s Guild on Stoke Newington Road. They are hosting a three day pop up fried chicken shop. Sunday is the last day. See you there from 4pm.

TPA MIX 005 – Saul Wilks (The Boogie Cartel)


Another mix has just trickled through the door, this time from one quarter of the Boogie Cartel and Welshman, Saul Wilks. Saul spent his formative years in Newport where his parents immersed him in Northern Soul from the get go, taking him to soul parties and instilling a fundamental appreciation for recorded music, vinyl and dance at an early age.

He cut his teeth in Birmingham in the likes of the Custard Factory, Subway and later in London where he got involved in the ‘resurgent Disco scene’. It’s here that he met his life long DJ partners (and friends) ‘The Boogie Cartel.’ 

They started their own party and also curate a successful blog which is now 3 years old and  getting stronger. The Big Man is an avid collector\lover\digger of Boogie, Chicago House, 80s Funk, Modern Soul and everything of that ilk. As well as their regular shows at the Nest (next date 22nd March), the Boogie Cartel had a pop at Glatonbury last summer and will be playing all night, from 9 pm tomorrow night at XOYO.

Described in his own words; “This mix is comprised of 80s street soul gems, Boogie Funk bangers and Chicago House.”

Saul Wilks is no stranger to a party, if you ever have the pleasure of meeting him when you are out, his is a cold glass of Rose.  His menswear company Ardour Brand’s strap line reads as ‘From passion comes product,’ a sentiment that pervades the man and his mix.

TPA MIX 004 – BEN//LA//DASH (Aslan Inst)


TPA Mix 004 arrived this morning courtesy of none other than BEN//LA//DASH who just recently kicked off our new ‘SNACK TRAX’ feature. Compiled in his yurt, all on vinyl, this has Ben’s signature italo disco seasoning sprinkled all over it. Have a taste.


TPA MIX 003 – ‘Elmo’ (5DollarShake)

ELMO Incoming mix! One of our long time supporters and stalwart friends has put together this lovely little mix. He takes us on phonic journey through a choice selection of hip hop, beats, soul and disco. All of which is cunningly interlaced with movie soundbites. It couldn’t be a more perfect soundtrack lounging around on a Sunday evening or roasting the shit out of a dead animal.

Elmo is an integral part of the 5dollarshake crew based in Edinburgh who have been kind enough to have us play at a number of their events in the past. Billed as PreClub/Music/Art 5dollar is a collective of DJs and producers looking to expose talent both big and small including acts like DJ Paypal, Fine Art and Dema. Look out for their upcoming video mix which will be published this Wednesday. Get all the updates at their Facebook page here.

TPA Mix 002 – ‘Fire In The Disco’ – Richie Sanks


Big mix just in from Richie Sanks of Cheltenham who sacked off Christmas with his family to record this in time to fill the post Christmas – pre New Year hole. Sank’s is a superb DJ, cutting his teeth in the basements of Manchester and Leeds whilst digging all things from boogie to house and whatever you may find in between. He played Beacons this year, Oxjam Festival, Peckham and has supported Bullion in Stockwell. He has even played backstage at Field Day this year where Solange Knowles took a shine to the Aslan boys and their impeccable selection. When asked about his style influences he says this season he’s been super inspired by LuckyMe’s very own DJ Paypal.   If you fancy seeing him and the Aslan Institute in the flesh and you’re after belter of party get down to the Lock Tavern this NYE – Lock Tavern – ‘The Paradise Discotheque.’ This mix is sure to rid you of that ‘Seasonal Adjustment Disorder’ you’ve just self diagnosed yourself with. Enjoy.

‘Go (Chez Damier Classic Mix)’ – The Urban Cru (Atal)
‘Saldubsa 2 (Original Mix)’ – Rick Wilhite (Stilove4music)
‘Wise Root’ – Wbeeza (Third Ear Recordings)
‘Unknown’ – Detroit (???)
‘Cut Down Trees’ – Hunee (W.T. Records)
‘Untitled (Kerri Chandler Bigga Mix)’ – Blackjoy (Freerange)
‘Dance With Me’ – Sound Stream (Sound Stream)
‘I Have No Name’ – Jay Daniel (Sound Signature)
‘Now Show’ – My Rules (My Rules)