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Omar Souleyman – ‘La Sidounak Sayyada’


I have some money on the Grand National today. When I win I will play this. It’s not normally something I would post on here but its too good not to. Omar is from Syria, signed to Seattle based Sublime Frequencies‘ sub label ‘Sham Palace’ and has played at Glastonbury and ATP. I’d love to see this slipped into a set at some point…

If you liked that...


Villa Edit – Agneta


This has been floating about for a few years now. It’s as camp as they come & rather delicious. Turn it up and hold the guy next to you.

Von Spar

The Kindness

This band the kindness have been around for a while and I’ve only just heard them. This is Gee Wiz. Listen out for the riffs.

This is their Myspace.

Boogie Down

Special thanks to Ruairi McCance for the image ‘GUNS NIGGA HOLLA’ and the tune found on Feel My Bicep. Take in the image and listen to the intro of the track.

Brassica – The Centre.mp3