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Roman Rauch – ‘Too Many Things’


Philpot is a Stuttgart-based label, run by Soulphiction and Tobi Ettle since 2000 ad. Uptempo Music with an edge, we wouldn´t call it House, Techno, Jazz or Soul…but they all come close and definetly are strong influences..’

Well I’d call this house. Either way, it’s a belter. Always buy the Philpot records.

The Carter Bros – ‘Loving You Is Easy’


Some Adelaidian disco nonsense here form the Carter Bros. Really shouldn’t like this. Catch us on air tonight from 8 – 10pm with guest ‘Best Intentions’ on MEATtransMISSION Radio.

Shadow – ‘Let’s Stay Together’ (Whiskey Barons Edit)


This track came to me by the will of God. I’d heard it in a a recent BIS mix, had that moment of excitement when you go to check for its ID in the track list and then sadness at the fact it’s been listed as ‘Unkown.’ Which is fair enough I suppose, a DJ has to protect his assets.

What I thought had been lost to the ether has now found its way into my possession through pure luck. Re-issued on Cultures of Soul, Mighty Shadow’s ‘Lets Stay Together’ is a mid tempo tropical disco brute. The Trinidad & Tobagonian’s desperate canticle has been given the Whiskey Baron’s treatment on  the flip, rendering it club friendly. Much to like here.

Minako Yoshida – Tornado (Skebs Nip & Tuck)


“Ace Sukebe re-jigs of the idoru trio’s 1975 proto-disco barnstormer — sounds like Althea and Donna doing Labelle in Japanese — and Minako Yoshida’s 1980 woozy two-step, as thrown down recently by Ben UFO.   300 copies only.” Soundtrack to a Tuesday morning.

Justin Vandervolgen – ‘I Love You’ (Edit)


Tonight sees two  sweatboxes host two intimate happenings. Seperated by exactly 404.1 miles Edinburgh’s Sneaky Pete’s sees the second installment of TEESH with  Witness hero Atticus Jacks. At the other end of the Island, hidden under one of East London’s Japanese restaurants we bring you the first ‘Crucial und Fresh!’

If you are attending ‘Crucial und Fresh!‘ we implore you to arrive early. Demand for the the event is very high and constraints on space mean capacity will be limited. The music starts at 9pm working its way up to 11pm when the volume goes up and the seating is removed. There will be no choice but to dance.

Looking forward to tonight. Bring the heat! (expect it to sound like this)

JV – Edit Channel XXX


Can’t believe I slept on this one. It’s one of the finest edits I think I’ve heard. It’s a rare, one sided, 12 inch affair that’s incredibly difficult to get a hold of. Played at the right time, in the right place I think this would make for a pretty special moment…

If you liked that...

Love Don`t Live Here Anymore (Roman Rauch Edit)


This is from 2011. It’s big and squelchy…

If you liked that...
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